There is no doubt that The Synthetic Family is able to cooperate on more levels, making sure that a project reaches its goals and milestones and satisfying the customer. - Skanska

Our company

We are a consulting company that has been around for 14 years. We are located in Stockholm and are active globally. We work at the management level with some of the largest organizations and companies in Scandinavia. All five owners of The Synthetic Family are active. 

The most important word for us is dådkraft; the power to act.  

We work in tight teams that help you all the way with management level projects, we do not give up. We are personal and are known for our loyalty. 

All management consultants are senior and the methods we use are based on benchmarking. 

Call our CEO Per Gunnarsson if you need our help, +46 701 80 89 01.